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Moonshine Runners also known as Samogonki or Spanking Runners is an arcade racing game. The game takes place somewhere in the center of the galaxy, where several creatures are living peaceful lives. One day however, an Evil Mage invades the galaxy and transforms the creatures into monsters. He also places guarding portal entrances to take fees for moving between planets. The creatures want to be free again and the only possibility is to defeat the Mage's soldiers on each planet in races, as well as the main boss in a final event.

There are 10 characters to choose from (5 available from the beginning, 5 unlocked), and each one has different attributes (speed, handling, mana recharge etc.). Vehicles used by characters can be disassembled and reassembled. Each competitor also has its own "spells": offensive, defensive and a "special" including flying for several seconds or getting extra boost. Such spells can be also customized through the game progress.

The game, apart from having the basic racing mode, also features a "turn-based" race mode where player can set the waypoints in top-down view and activate spells at specific time, forecasting what can happen. Such mode can be used at any race before it is started.

There is no "career menu" - instead, the hero drives around the planet and accesses the events (races) or garage by driving to specific spots. The game's economy consists of collecting "bottles" available in the races (and as a reward to the race's result) - these can be used to upgrade vehicle or make spells stronger.



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